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Ranking of the best bank accounts – 2019

The ranking of the best bank accounts has been developed for you so that choosing the best account has become even simpler. If you are looking for an answer to the question: Where to set up an account? What account or bank to choose? you’ve come to the right place. We selected the basic and most universal personal accounts from the banks’ offer. Compare in an easy way, offers in terms of fees and additional benefits. In our ROR rankings you will find unconditionally free accounts, as well as free of charge accounts in the event of an influence or turnover condition on the card.


Assumptions of our ranking of personal accounts

In the case of our comparison of bank accounts, we take into account three categories. The amount of fees, which consists of commissions and the total cost of running an account. In this category, we also take into account the requirements under which the bank exempts us from fees for running a ROR or debit card. Internet and mobile banking , in this category we take into account the quality and reliability of the online banking system. In addition, the functionality and versatility of the mobile application affect the opinions. The last category is the additional benefits,in this category we take into account many elements, eg start-up bonuses, the possibility of saving (deposits / savings account), additional products (multi-currency card, credit card, online currency exchange account, etc.) and additional services in the form of free instant transfers etc. If a bank offers a very attractive start bonus, a given account can be promoted even by a few items in our ranking of personal accounts.


Where to set up a bank account?

In the age of internet and online shopping, the best choice is to set up an online account. Thanks to this, we will avoid queuing up and we will not waste time getting to the branch. The contract can be signed by courier or by means of a transfer verifying our identity. Another argument for these are the start bonuses, which in most cases are only available for online contracts. On the other hand, we should take care of the security of our data transfer, that is, we set up an account from our own computer (with an anti-virus) and connect to the internet through our own network, which is secured in the right way (password or modem connection via cable). Any kind of bank details (account creation or login), we should not send via public hotspots


The best (unconditionally) free bank accounts

From unconditionally free personal accounts, the best bank falls out Nest, where we get free card and ror account for free. In addition, withdrawals from all ATMs are free. An undoubted advantage is the start-up deposit at 4% per annum. It is a fully free bank account. On the other hand, the quality of online and mobile banking is one of the more basic ones. 


The best comprehensive bank account

In this case, we suggest choosing one of the five largest banks, namely Pko Bp, Ing, mBank, Santander or Pekao. Of course, we should first determine our needs and verify the individual costs of running the account in our comparison website. A good solution is to test a given account for a period of 2-3 months (preferably using the start bonus). If we wanted to get bonuses for the start, it would be necessary to be patient and wait for the bank to offer a bonus for opening an account. When testing a given account, we can check whether the banking application, online banking, etc. are suitable for us.

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